Direct Services


As technologies change, so does the library’s role in helping to train and educate everyone on the use of assistive technology. Not only does the library have a fully immersive technology lab on-site, but it also holds technology discussion meetings on a monthly basis between March and November.

Direct Service Power Point Presentation

This is the Power Point presentation from the in-service on January 18, 2018 at Wilmer eye.

Application for Free Library Service - Maryland Library for the Blind

​The mission of the Maryland State Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped is to provide comprehensive library services to the eligible blind and physically handicapped residents of the State of Maryland. ​

Our vision is to provide innovative and quality services to meet the needs and expectations of our patrons. 

This is a totally free service.

General Information Sheet - Maryland Library for the Blind

In 1968, the State of Maryland established the Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped in downtown Baltimore. As a network library of the National Library Service, LBPH patrons can access reading materials, an assistive technology lab, magnification and stability tools, and over 20 staff members dedicated to the library’s community. LBPH is a division of the Maryland State Library. 

Parent Flyer - Maryland Library for the Blind

Parents hate seeing their child struggle to read. Many times, they turn to the schools for help. Reading teachers, expensive tutors, and long days become the norm. Still, students and parents become frustrated – sometimes destroying the love of reading for pleasure in the process. The Maryland LBPH has tools to help students regain their love of reading, all free of charge.